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Game News posted by Wolf
Wednesday, October 7th 2020
The Wasteland Map Design Contest is now open for discussion! There are 11 entries to choose from for the next map, as well as 4 'WTF-Style' maps. Of the 11 entries, the top 4 will be determined by player vote. Those 4 finalists will be put into an additional vote to determine which map we play next round.

Additionally, we will be doing some testing on DEV to verify playability of each of the final-4 maps. Players who assist in testing will be awarded the "Helping Legacy Staff" banner as well as receive a +2 staff favor. We will alert everyone once testing has commenced!

Asst Lead Helper
Game News posted by Wolf
Tuesday, September 1st 2020
Warfare results for last round are below.

Warfare: July - August 2020
1: Outcasts: 1,576,630 points
2: Dark Flame: 882,280 points
3: Blade of Dawn: 464,540 points
4: Chapter: 217,030 points

A big congratulations to Oc For their landslide victory over the past 2 months.

To Everyone else We would like to wish you luck over the next few months, and try not to catch a cold whilst you fight over territory in the chilling wastes within the Rivers of Time quadrant.

Game News posted by Wolf
Wednesday, July 1st 2020
Warfare results for last round are below.

Warfare: April - June 2020
1: Blade of Dawn: 1,807,600 points
2: Chapter: 1,111,530 points
3: Outcasts: 1,006,240 points
4: Dark Flame: 724,300 points

Congratulations To Blade of Dawn for their victory.

Good luck to you all in next warfare round.

Game News posted by Wolf
Sunday, March 17th 2019
Wow so my first blog

So i shall start with saying that there is new forum rules in place, some of you may have noticed already and for those who haven't please go check them out. All of the previous rules have been revised and hopefully they are now easier to be understood. Myself, current staff/ex staff(Matt who is unfortunately no longer with us) and CoE have been reviewing these rules to make them more relevant with the times. If you have any questions about these rules please feel free to message myself or one of my community admins.

I would also like to show congratulations to our new staff member in training Aaron hopefully he can become a valued member of the team and provide excellent service to the game.

Now on to a more serous note when placing a ticket please provide a significant amount of information.

I.E: If reporting something please provide a time frame/date and if possible copy and paste what they have said or even screen shot, this will help us work with you and allows us to find instances without trouble.

Well that is all for now, short and sweet.

Thank you

Lead Community Admin
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