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Game News posted by Bongo
Friday, January 1st 2021
The latest warfare results are as follows:

Warfare: November - December 2020
1: Chapter: 1,518,010 points
2: Outcasts: 547,870 points
3: Dark Flame: 542,750 points
4: Blade of Dawn: 390,620 points

Next map will be live shortly at 12pm EST. The winner of the poll when the wasteland went down for the swap was MattG2's (poll option 2).

Good luck everyone. Oh and Happy New Year Legacy!
Game News posted by Bongo
Wednesday, December 16th 2020
The Christmas Paint in the platinum store can now be used on all avatar gear, not just T1 stuff.

Thanks to faelust, UnicornBob and GAGANB (idk if all 3 of them were involved to be honest but thanks anyways ) for their work to make this possible.

Merry Christmas!
Game News posted by Bongo
Sunday, November 1st 2020
The new map is live. It's a void map, so no HQs.

There's an issue with the grid inside of the WL, it's very dark. I turned off clouds and fog of war that were present on the WTF mode map, and this is the result. Aldo might know how to fix it but I can't reach him currently, so we'll have to deal with this for a little while.

Good luck everyone!

Also, here are the standings from the WTF mode map just for fun.

??? - 19690 points
Chapter - 10540 points
Outcasts - 9630 points
Dark Flame - 8510 points
Blade of Dawn - 3180 points
Game News posted by Bongo
Monday, October 19th 2020
The Halloween zombie and ghost hunting NPCs are invading the hive! Joe from Joe's Merchandise might have some useful items to help you defeat them.

(Yes it's the same event as the last few years )

Happy Haunting/Hunting!
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