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Game News posted by Bongo
Sunday, November 1st 2020
The new map is live. It's a void map, so no HQs.

There's an issue with the grid inside of the WL, it's very dark. I turned off clouds and fog of war that were present on the WTF mode map, and this is the result. Aldo might know how to fix it but I can't reach him currently, so we'll have to deal with this for a little while.

Good luck everyone!

Also, here are the standings from the WTF mode map just for fun.

??? - 19690 points
Chapter - 10540 points
Outcasts - 9630 points
Dark Flame - 8510 points
Blade of Dawn - 3180 points
"What an odd start to the round. "
"I'm LARPing underground cave system right now! "
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