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Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, April 4th 2011
Firstly, the 'Phase Disruptor' was changed during testing as it seemed kind of pointless. It now disables 'radiance, shadowing, summoning, cloaking, phasing, shifting, astral blasting and scanning' for enemies only. I thought about excluding Temporal Phasing again but we already have one objective it makes players immune to.

Obviously, players will not be seeing it until certain gangs get out of the red zone.

Warfare: January - March 2011
1: Blade of Dawn - 1,635,760 points
2: Chapter - 1,411,080 points
3: Dark Flame - 1,051,670 points
4: Outcasts - 885,220 points

Congratulations to last months gangs, very close.
Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, April 4th 2011
Sentries are now online, still a lot of work to be done to them but the basic concept is now up and running. They don't have graphics yet when attacked and they don't as yet drop Focus restoring items as I'm waiting on some graphics for those. Each hourly tick there is a 10% chance that the sentry system will switch states, you'll get a 1 hour warning before the process completes.

They will remain friendly to whichever gang controls the northern 'Sentry Control' objective. There are currently 4 level 80 Mechs on the Sentry Control island, 10 Sappers north of the HQ movement border, 20 Guardians north of it and 50 Scouts scattered around the map. There are some other minor technical issues with them not showing up in glances or in attack logs, these will all be addressed soon.

The 'Satellite Uplink' is now also up and running, it has a 30% chance to see all forms of Avatar movements except when they are cloaked or use Temporal Phasing.
Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, April 1st 2011
Having some big problems getting the AI for the new NPCs to stay running as it keeps crashing, not sure why. Need to make some sort of system within the tick process that checks the AI script is running and if it is not, restarts it. Also due to some un-forseen circumstances there is no way I can be around at 5am (my time) to put things online on Day 3. Both the objectives and Roaming NPCs will come out of Day 4 now which will be Sunday night.

The April 1st stuff was basically Dk16 and myself finding some old backed up folders of our old head / body system and coming up with cool ways to use them. Some of them looked so bad compared to modern stuff, also the logo is the very first logo Gangsterz 2 used.

To make up for the delays here is some real news. The level 90 boss has been drawn by Dk16 and will look like this...

His name is so far unknown, all that we know is he is thought to be Cain's big brother.
Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, March 31st 2011
Ok, the new map is almost ready to roll out. To give us chance to put the amount of work needed in to each of the new concepts we're using in this map we will be staggering the release of parts of it.

Gang HQ Movement (Day 1)
Gang HQs will retain the ability to go mobile but will not be allowed to go beyond the 9th row of squares. Meaning there is a line across 1,8 to 15,8 that Gang HQs may not pass.

Roaming NPCs (Day 2)
The roaming none player characters are called Sentries, they will patrol around regardless of gang control / guards and attack any they perceive to be their enemies. They will only be active for a few hours at a time and this time will be selected randomly.

Objectives (Day 3)
This map contains 3 new objectives, you can control them at first but you will not be able to access them until Day 2. They have the following functions.

The 'Sentry Control' allows the controlling gang to select which gangs the Sentries attack on sight when they are active.

The 'Phase Disruptor' can be activated once per day. Once active it will remain active for 1 hour and disable cloaking, radiance, summoning, phasing and astral blasting for all gangs including the gang that activated it.

The 'Satellite Uplink' can be accessed from the Hive and will allow the controlling gang to monitor the movement of enemy avatars in real time. This system will only catch a percentage of movements and can be circumvented with the cloaking ability.

Moving Bridges (Day 5)
After 4 days the northern island that contains the 'Sentry Control' objective will retract all 3 of its connecting bridges. After this point only 1 bridge will extend per day to allow access, this process will be random.

This staggered release will allow us to properly test each system on Dev rather than rushing them all out together. Some of the above may change based on our testing. Have fun!
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