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Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, March 31st 2011
The new map is still being built ready for tomorrow. This map will release at midnight without any pre-released information. Just a few things you need to know, all Gang HQs will start at the bottom, all 3 objectives are in the top half and Gang HQs will not be allowed to move north of 8th row. This map will also contain some new mechanics you have not seen before and 3 new objectives.

Some things may need to be tweaked after launch but I'll be around for a while after to fix any problems.

Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, March 25th 2011
Testing is going well, I've done a bit of testing on Dev and a lot on the main server. There are currently 5 bunny rabbits hopping randomly around the wasteland. Basically testing the random movement AI system stability. At the time of posting they're on tick number 2,117 with no problems yet. The server also handled 100 rabbits with relative ease, using next to no RAM or CPU and processing all the movements in little over 0.2 seconds.

During map 5's "night phase" it will become populated with NPCs just like the bunny rabbits only they will wander around attacking and draining focus from players not in the gang that controls their special objective. The closer you get to the north of the map (where the objective will be) the higher level these NPCs will become.

The night phase will come in to and out of play randomly with a 1 hour warning before transitions. This entire concept is just a way to test wandering / hostile AI ready for a more dynamic guard system in the future.
Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, January 3rd 2011
Will be fixing some bugs with the new warfare tomorrow, the freezing mechanic seems to be working correctly now. Results for the last 3 months of warfare are now in and listed below.

Warfare: October- December 2010
1: Dark Flame - 2,489,510 points
2: Outcasts - 1,443,820 points
3: Blade of Dawn - 854,080 points
4: Chapter - 319,800 points

Good luck to all for the next 3 months, oh and Happy New Year!
Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, December 31st 2010
Next warfare map is the winter map with the freezing / unfreezing water at the sides. Starting positions will be in a row of 4 squares along the bottom and Gang HQs will be deployed when the map goes live.

Warfare will reset tomorrow night, not tonight!

Map Unfrozen: Warfare Map
Map Frozen: Warfare Map

Position 6,14: Outcasts
Position 8,14: Blade of Dawn
Position 10,14: Dark Flame
Position 12,14: Chapter

Staff Chat Log:
10:35 Zorg: Position 6,14:
10:35 Zorg: !roll 1 d4
10:35 System: Result: 4
10:35 Zorg: OC
10:35 Zorg: Position 8,14:
10:35 Zorg: !roll 1 d4
10:35 System: Result: 3
10:35 Zorg: BoD
10:35 Zorg: Position 10,14:
10:35 Zorg: !roll 1 d4
10:35 System: Result: 3
10:35 Zorg: !roll 1 d4
10:35 System: Result: 2
10:35 Zorg: DF
10:36 Zorg: Position 12,14:
10:36 Zorg: TC
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