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Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, October 21st 2010
The feedback system on updates works well it seems. I recently had a problem where guards respawning on a square with hidden players on it could leave the players trapped and unable to run away. I figured it would be easy to fix just by pulling people out of stealth but the vast amount of negative feedback that update got quickly made it apparent that was wrong.

That update is now fixed and no longer effects cloak, which it clearly never should have. As for Slot Machines, CodeHydro and myself have been running simulations to work out what the optimal playing style is. Once we worked that much out it was easy to adjust the payouts to a much better percentage. The payout for 3 x Sevens may look quite big but even if you hold every 7 you see, you'll only get 3 x Sevens 1% of games. But yeah like all casino games, the house always wins!
"LordPain is a noob And I'm loving this activity you're putting up Zorg!"
"The house sucks."
"I have updated the LegWiki with probability tables if anybody cares, though I'm keeping my mouth zipped on the optimal strategy es"
"Is it me or does anyone else think zorg has had bad past experiences with a casino, considering his comment "But yeah like all casino games, the house always wins!""
"I just played 2 games on the slot machiens."
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