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Game News posted by Will
Thursday, August 20th 2015
The Gang War Championships are now live. So let the carnage begin.

Just a quick reminder, this is simply a competition that lasts for seven days to see which gang can acquire the most warfare points in that time.

Good luck to everyone.
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, February 9th 2015
Early spring clean is upon us, this means that all clan leaders & gang leaders have until next Monday to moderate all their forums effectively, as I am well aware moderating ends up taking a back seat.

Staff will be sweeping up any missed or unmoderated content from next week, and as you know if you clean it up before we do that is the end of the matter, if we catch it we get to do the lovely paperwork for it.

To make you aware, clan leaders are held accountable for their forums and fines have and will be handed out accordingly. Gang leaders it is in your best interest to avoid a gang of muted frogs, as some gangs are better than others - your moderation is pristine and you have no work to do

Monday is Dday so - the countdown begins!
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, August 19th 2014
This is a message to all gang leaders, current and future. Do not kick or punish any shrubbed players. The shrub isn't the punishment it is a state that restricts access to parts of Legacy and allows the user 30 days to create an appeal.

We have two types of shrub, the general that is described as above, the other is shrubbed pending name change.

Sometimes we do get it wrong and shrubs are removed, it makes no sense on why gangs are removing them. From this date onwards, any kicks to shrubs will now be treated as an anti-gang action.

Please make sure all leaders are aware of this rule.
Dev News posted by Scott
Sunday, August 3rd 2014
I will be ending all threads about the mascots in gang forums later today, can all leadership members make so you have no more than 8 suggestions. I will then put them all into a gang vote for 7 days and Robert will start making the designs soon after that

On another note not much is happening right now, Zorg is away until next Wednesday. In the future though, this year is a Murder Mystery (MM) year so I will start the planning process for that soon, hopefully making halloween that more creepy.

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