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Game News posted by Will
Sunday, October 27th 2019
While the outfits aren't available just yet, that doesn't mean a few other things can't happen in the meantime.

First off, the holiday season has begun. Halloween right around the corner and Christmas not to far behind. That said, a somewhat familiar face is going to make her appearance once again to try and terrorize the Hive. You know her as Shadress.

For those unaware, Shadress is a mysterious entity that made her first appearance some time ago and for some reason mostly manifests when there is a surge of power or when Halloween is near. Don't ask why. It's one of the more unknown things about her.

Shadress seems to change her combat style slightly each time we see her. The biggest problem is her overwhelming power when she first appears. In the past it has taken getting her to at least 60% fatigue for it to be a fair fight. This time however she doesn't seem to be sporting that much power. She has sacrificed a massive portion of that power for an overwhelming amount of HP. What will make this particularly challenging is that once the first attack against her is initiated, you will be on a strict time limit to take her down.

If you put forth an noticeable effort to take her down, you will be rewarded. If you get the killing blow, you will receive some extra goodies. The killing blow is not required for the banner, but it will definitely make your chances better. Also Shadress will mostly stay on a square that is neutral so Avatars are able to phase to her more easily. If she has to move for whatever reason, the timer will pause until she relocates and people follow her.

Oh, and don't worry. I will get Zorg to add the Halloween costumes next time I see him
Game News posted by Will
Wednesday, June 19th 2019
Since this change was requested by me, I'll do the announcement for it.

Some time in the near future, the entire Favor system is going to be different than what you are familiar with. Favors and disfavors both are going to be updated so that they are either more rewarding or more harsh.

Favors will be as such:
Favor Level : +1
o Aura around character
o Daily tokens +25

Favor Level : +2
o Favor level +1 benefits
o Half Job time when working

Favor Level : +3
o Favor level +2 benefits
o +10% EXP from combat
o +2 Ability Points per hour
o +1 Daily quest assigned

Favor Level : +4
o Favor level +3 benefits
o +1 Daily quest assigned
o +1 Item EXP per hit/tick

Nothing overpowering, but more rewarding than the normal.

Disfavors, however, are getting totally reworked to not be pleasant by any stretch.

Favor Level : -1
o Character appearance is a frog

Favor Level : -2
o Character appearance is a frog
o Cannot post in Forums
o Cannot rate Threads in Forums
o Cannot react to Posts in Forums
o Cannot use Sidechat

Favor Level : -3
o Disfavor -2 hindrances
o -10% EXP from combat
o Ability training freeze
o Honing Freeze (you will no longer receive item experience from the honing ability)
o +1 Expo per tick for Wastelands (meaning instead of 1 expo per tick, you now get 2)

Favor Level : -4
o Disfavor -3 hindrances
o +2 Expo per tick for Wastelands (replaces the previous +1 expo per tick (meaning instead of 1 expo per tick, you now get 3)
o Item EXP gain frozen (your items will not gain any item experience via any method)

This does mean that I will most likely be sitting down to alter the guidelines by how we operate since disfavors are far more harsh than what they normally would be.

Have a nice day
Game News posted by Will
Saturday, May 11th 2019
So as I am sure most have noticed, double gains is not happening this weekend. Namely because of the poll and someone pointing out that this weekend is Mother's Day. Just in case you might have forgotten.

That being said, round 2 of Double Gains will take place next weekend. With 1 minor difference: an extra day. It will begin approximately 1558054800 Unix time. Otherwise known as 05/17/2019 @ 1:00am (UTC). And it will end at exactly 1558328340 Unix time. Or 05/20/2019 @ 4:59am (UTC).

I have also compiled a more detailed list of what is actually doubled and what is not, to try and alleviate a little confusion.

-Double Experience from PVP and Hunt
-Double Item Experience
-Double Honing Experience
-Double payout from jobs
-Double Warfare points
-Double energy per hour (400/hour)
-Double boon xp

Does not:
-Double Crafting Experience
-Double transferred Experience
-Double Job Experience
-Stack with buffs (for things like 4x job payout)
-Double hunting points
-Double gang rep gains/loss
-Double Drone xp
-Double raid xp
-Double Casino payout
-Double Drop rate
-Double Focus gain
-Double HP heal at hospital
-Double default token gain
-Double Page load times
-Double rewards from daily quests
Game News posted by Will
Thursday, May 2nd 2019
Greetings one and all. Now for those somewhat unaware, a special date for Legacy is coming up. May 5th is Legacy's birthday. Its' 14th birthday to be exact. As usual we will be celebrating with the norm so be prepared for your Box with the normal stuff in it. Banner, hat, cake.

But lets talk about what everyone is curious about. Namely the poll that took place on the Legacy Facebook page. "When is double gains?" Well to be honest I contemplated about it and I figure, "14 years is quite a long time. So perhaps we should be a touch more generous."

That said, double gains weekend will happen not once, but twice.

The first will occur this weekend, naturally. It'll start either some time Friday evening or early Saturday morning (this will be determined by my work schedule) and last through May 5 until aprox. 2359

The second will be determined by another Facebook poll that will be made shortly after this. So be sure to go check it out and help determine when it will be.

For those who are not familiar, Double Gains includes the following:
-Double Experience from PVP and Hunt
-Double Item Experience
-Double Honing Experience
-Double payout from jobs
-Double Warfare points
-Double energy per hour (400/hour)

Happy Birthday from Legacy!
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