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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, February 1st 2015
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! (+1 if you get the reference). We're still going through staff apps with interviews starting today, still have a lot of tickets to go through so if you havent had a reply to your app yet do not worry.. you will soon.

We've also accepted that we have somewhat been a bad parent to our facebook page. We're relaunching efforts today to boost its activity and I'll be speaking to Zorg about a budget so we can boost advertising for it. I have also given Steven and Will powers to post as the page and make minor changes to it.

A lot of advertising will be done through the page and we will soon be doing FB offers that will be unique.

That is it for today's news... ciao!
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, November 17th 2014
So... I have been active'ish and dealing with things but not fast enough. To deal with this I am proud to announce Wills new role within the Legacy Team. He will serve as an "assistant" but he will continue to deal with the community related issues but at a higher level, leaving me with the more serious account & bug related things

I will send the Shadress prizes later and that account will be locked down and may return at xmas but of course, be more prevalent and better advertised than it was.

Things are started to be planned for Christmas, I'm willing to be open to more ideas so I'll be reading any suggestions posted in main, please keep it to one thread and don't post essays
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