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Game News posted by Will
Thursday, November 29th 2018
Once again, the chill of winter is upon us. Which also means that Christmas and all the Legacy related stuff that comes along with it. And this year, a few things will be the same and some will be different.

What's the same? The Advent Calendar will be making an appearance of course. What's different however is the fact that unlike the last couple of years where most of the items are gag items/gifts, this year will have many items that will entice and excite. Yes, a few traditional items/gifts will be the same. Because why break traditions?

Also I would like to address something that I'm sure some think I have forgotten about. The near apocalyptic loss of the Wastelands. In order to make up for that little mishap, the Double Gains week that typically happens during Christmas time...will be extended. That means starting Dec. 16 (early as possible) until Dec. 29 at 23:59 server time (literally what the clock in the upper right corner of your browser shows) will be Double Gains.

For those who don't know or need a reminder of what Double Gains include:
-Double Experience from PVP and Hunt
-Double Item Experience
-Double Honing Experience
-Double payout from jobs
-Double Warfare points
-Double energy per hour (400/hour)

Please note that buffs from books and the boon shop do not stack.

As for if there will be a platinum sale as normal during Christmas, I will let Zorg announce that if he decides to do so.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far!
"Happy new year!"
"very nice.. can we add a crafting gain in there too?"
"very blen said as well if possible"
"double drop rate?"
"woah woah let's not rush the calendar please"
"Honestly erasing the WL map was the most exciting thing to happen in awhile. And now we get extended double gains too. Thanks Will! "
"Hopefully no Will Candy!"
"So wait... zorg don't login for 6months, but will login for Plat sale :comical:"
"double drop rate?"
"No double crafting xp? "
"Thanks Will, crafting crimbo surprise would be the icing on the cake "
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