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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, November 16th 2020
There will be a small update later in the morning that adds 2 things:

a) A basic Quests Journal
b) A way to see how strong someone is compared to you on their profile (if you have the ability: Astral Vision equipped)


The Quests Journal will initially show as empty as I'll need to do some data entry on each of the steps of various questlines. We use a lot of "quest flags" to mark the steps you take in various quests around the game (whether it's conversation-based quests or otherwise) so this is the beginning of a proper quest system to unify it and then expand upon for various updates and upcoming raids.

As for the profile strength text, depending on your simulated combat winrate against the profile you're viewing, in order of 0% to 100%, it'll tell you if they are:
almost unbeatable, incredibly strong, somewhat strong, strong, similar in might, weak, somewhat weak, incredibly weak, or completely beatable.

Combat Simulator: At some point over the next month, I'll also be releasing a basic player-friendly combat simulator into Xen's Dojo for limited use.

Raid: As for those expired cards, I'll be giving them a sellback price the moment Chapter 3: Say Hello to my Big Friend drops! So you can sell them back to the game if you don't want to use them/do chapter 3/have more than you need.

A lot of other exciting stuff coming as well

See you soon!

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Blade of Dawn
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