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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, December 25th 2020
The 25th door of the advent is unlocked! Get your prize. I hope you've enjoyed this month's advent, especially some of the cool and/or useful items we've had in the last couple of weeks.

I unlocked the raid the other day but as some people noted, for the first few hours the ticket rewards weren't up but they should be up now.

I previously said the raid would run till January 4th but since I was out of commission (tldr for those not in the know - I was sick and hospitalized over the last 2+ weeks). I'll extend it till January 8th, Friday, 11:59 PM server time (so right before end of day friday i'll take it out).

The other christmas event stuff - up to the other devs to leave on or cut as normal.

Speaking of my downtime, this does affect my timeline for things that I talked about recently based on the votes. Needless to say, combat sim, next raid, some of the much requested wl bug fixes will come soon but probably slower as I'm recovering/resting and also I'll be moving back home for a few months so need to figure out my dev setup again. But yeah I will have more downtime while resting so I'll be around no worries.

Happy holidays and hope you all get to spend the next week with your loved ones and enjoy doing what you do!

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