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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, January 7th 2019
The Christmas event raid has finally left the building along with the advent calendar and joe's merchandise Christmas items.

rollin340's made some adjustments to our job system internally that makes things a bit better behind the scenes. This also came with some minor UI tweaks you'll notice on the jobs page.

I've added a Hall of Raids stats page with some basic information for now. It's currently accessible via Hall of Records or via the raids page itself (it's to the top right of the body content).

Some quick stats:

Average timing: 0 minutes, 47 seconds, 53 milliseconds across 181 players.
[matt770 in #1 with 7 seconds, 661 milliseconds]

16,685 completions recorded across 194 players.
[UnicornBob in #1 with 528 completions]

For our first ever raid (not counting the mini teaser raid that some of you went through with Ventrix back in summer), this was a pretty awesome event. I think barring some kinks here and there, and a LOT of code being pushed by me on a near daily basis throughout as I kept improving things, it was a pretty fun event. Look forward to more fun stuff in the coming weeks and year. This will be a very interesting year for the game!

Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, January 1st 2019
The event raid will soon be leaving us come next Monday tick just as Zach announced in the podcast (right before the tick so no weekly reward =]).

This weekend will be the last weekend it'll be up. I would've ideally taken it down today/right after new year's but considering this is the first raid we've had + the final bonus trinket for some of the higher completion players, I thought I'd be a bit generous there

This will certainly return next Christmas. I'm also looking at the idea of having atleast 1 weekend a month be an event raid weekend where we pick one random event raid (hoping that we have more as the year goes on). It'll either be an event weekend or just one day dedicated to event raids and one day dedicated to challenge raids (the latter might be more of a weekly rotation).

That's all for now.

Happy new year to you and all your loved ones!

Welcome to 2019, hope you like it

Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, December 27th 2018
First medium patch for raids has been deployed. Update notes list the same but for the lazy:

1. Added side chat into raids.
2. Record personal best time achieved in a raid at millisecond granularity.
3. Restricts raid entry to full health only.
4. Item XP is now a reward that must be claimed at the end of a successful raid.
5. Potentially fixed bouncy movement glitching.
6. Quitting a raid without finishing it now gives a 5 minute cooldown.
7.Subsequent quits lead to 10 and 15 minute cooldowns (15 being the max).
It resets every hour.

Additionally, rollin got some stuff in too with this update:

1. Added a quick heal link to the raids page so you can heal without having to leave or reload the page and then start the raid.

2. Fixed the issue with recipes not rewarding crafting xp to level 9+. I believe rollin's removed the cap entirely so you'll keep earning xp from recipes beyond the cap.

3. Fixed the rare revives' small images' text colors.

4. Escape key now closes the popup window.
Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 24th 2018
Brief update after a day of raiding concerning bugs..etc. A few people reported the following bugs after raids went live, some of which have been fixed by now:

1. Occasional attack error leading to accidentally killing an npc twice and leading to double drops. This has been fixed - I closed the system last night and then put it back up once the fix was up (a few mins later since Zorg was around ). Those who received double drops mostly only got Large Power Cells, most of which have been returned to me. I'll be in touch with some of the others.

2. Trinkets not showing up correctly on profiles - this has been fixed. To learn more about them, check out the raids thread in main forum.

3. Item XP received for killing NPCs in raids - this has NOT been fixed yet. This was not really intentional since energy for killing npcs was removed right at the end.

Regarding the item xp, I appreciate the reports coming in. I haven't really seen anyone trying to abuse this save for a couple of people who I'm assuming were curious about it. Seems like most other people are just playing the raid normally - don't really appreciate people advertising their attempts with this bug though.

I have logs I can sift through to roughly identify who's trying to abuse the raid considering there are no cooldown penalties for ending the raid early right now before they complete their 30 minute tick. I'm not sure I need to close the system yet, most probably yes as no matter how many people play by the rules, there'll always be the silent exploiters I don't really see anyone else trying to abuse it but the fix for this will most likely get in Thursday so I'll make a call tonight on whether raids will go down until thursday.

As for stuff that's coming around thursday as well - minor improvements like bringing in SC, healing and starting a raid at the same time if you need a revive on the raids list page (Thanks rollin), and some other cleanups/fixes..etc.

Crystal System
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Blueprint Merchant
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