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Game News posted by Deeg
Monday, October 20th 2008
Ok so first off I will get the apologies out of the way. I am still currently conducting Staff interviews. Everyone who has sent an application in has received a reply and those who have been successful in preceding to the interview stage have been contacted also. I know some people are rather impatient to get their interviews over and done with but please stop pestering me about it, i will contact you when i wish to carry it out. Hopefully this will be in the coming week.

With regards to Guide and Chat Mod hiring, all the relevant information you need can be found in the Main Forum. It will be a few weeks yet until i begin the interview stages, but thank you to everyone who has applied so far and i will reply to your email in due course!
Game News posted by Zorg
Saturday, October 18th 2008
So, I'm still working on getting the stealth abilities working. Once they're done that is all the abilities up and running on dev, kind of complicated as the wasteland was never designed to have invisible people running around it.

I just want to clarify tha abilities whether they come out today or tomorrow, they will spend their first week in Limbo mode. Meaning train whatever you want, try out the abilities and they will all be reset the week after. Gives everyone a chance to try them out and me a chance to debug them. After the reset they will be permanent, so choose wisely.

As an example as well, as the oldest account in the game my account would get 151'440 points to spend in abilities in backlog, the total points needed to max out every ability currently created is 326'520. Meaning the oldest accounts in the game will only be able to get half the abilities if that.
Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, October 17th 2008
Well there is missing a deadline and then there is missing a deadline, if I kept working now I'd probably have Abilities done in about 4 hours. But I'm going to go get some sleep, came really close to finishing on time though.

So yeah, double turns are in effect until the end of Sunday. Expect to see the abilities system up some time around the middle of tomorrow.
Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, October 13th 2008
So, I figure it's about that time of year where I start giving release dates for systems that aren't anywhere near finished to see if I can actually meet them. So in full knowledge that there is a good chance I will not be able to do it, the Abilities System will be live, on main, by the end of Friday.

Quite a bold statement given how few of the abilities are actually designed and made right now, but it's about time I got that system done and out of the way. If I don't get it done by Friday I'll give you guys double turns for the week-end or something!
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