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Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, November 28th 2022
So, the materials system has been updated. Will it help with the lag? We'll see.

If you encounter any bugs, let me know; use the Thread in the Main Forums.

If you have any suggestions as well, such as what the Storage Expansion quests can reward instead of just Crafting XP since storage slots are no longer a thing, use the Thread in Main Forums as well.

Also, there is a step I forgot to take into consideration that I'll resolve later this week; the items you had your old Material Storage that were not migrated, such as tools and some things like Skulls, are still stuck there, and will be moved to your inventory when I get to it.

Have a good week ahead folks.
"Read by 58 players: yes"
"You mad lad you actually did it. Probably the maddest thing in legacy code in a few years lol good stuff"
"Wiki has been updated accordingly Excellent job rollin"
"why is it that we cannot store welding torches in material storage and adjust position of our materials anymore??"
"also why was aberant dye pulled from my market storage and added to material storage?"
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