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Game News posted by Architect
Friday, October 9th 2020

I know that some of you may have some trouble with the side chat update. There is a lot that was reworked in the background. This may lead to some issues with your browser caching. To force your browser to refresh without using its cache, press :

Ctrl + F5

This should get your side, gang, and combo chats back up and running.

As well, you will notice a few subtle changes with your side chats. Emoticons were moved to avoid the display moving beyond the screen's height. Spam monitor is no longer an image, but instead some styling.

This was a very intricate update that affects many systems. The objective was to make the transition as invisible and smooth as possible.

Should you find any major bugs, please contact myself, the dev team, VH, or submit a ticket.

- Architect
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