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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, January 28th 2011
So nearly February and still a few bits to do. I'm going to post a list of stuff that's already been looked at - anymore suggestions feel free to post them in the blog comments; just not crazy ideas that take a lot of time to prep as we have enough of those. For 2011 I have:

- Murder Mystery (one or two not 100% sure yet),
- Valentines Event,
- LegCon (March and one later in the year),
- Easter,
- WTF Mode
- Halloween,
- Christmas,
- New Year.

Of course in there will be a few Awesome Hours that I will leave to DMaster or dk16, random Contests and games etc... almost forgot to add there won't be a Werewolf game for a while maybe until March/April. Last one kind of ... droned on and on and I figure people are sick of seeing it right now.

Oh and before I forget ... again Moderator applications for Online Chat are open; if you want more info it's in the Main Forum. Staff apps are closing in the next 2/3 days so if you want to apply but haven't... get a move on!

Finally we're always looking to add more events I know Zorg asked me to look at a few to add so I'll see what the blog comments turn out like and go from there.
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, November 15th 2010
Hopefully you have seen the changes that LegCon has helped across the game! The main reason we run this event is to get player input into certain systems. Some extra updates that haven't been posted are; Legacy Affairs getting a ticket section and me moving the whole of my department into one clan! This will make it easier to plan events and stops me searching through clan forums for something bcfcespley hasn't posted yet.

The staff favor character designs are either still being drawn or need to be passed to Zorg for adding so no doubt you guys will see those soon

Also I'm still looking for events for Xmas so if you would like to see any pop up (Photo contest etc...) then post in the blog comments! Don't post Murder Mystery as I refuse to do a who shot Rudolph. Valentines however - that's when the murders begin! No details yet as I haven't even started to plan that but I have set valentines as a date.. simply because we can't do much with that event.

I think that's all the updates.... so look at the new changes and head to the suggestion forums for some more edits that need your feedback!
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, November 14th 2010
Thank you to everyone who turned up last night, it was the best one we have hosted. Below you will see the points by all gangs and two at the bottom that Zorg raised. If you want to read the log from the event :
>> Click Here <<

Points Raised:
- Outcasts Point: More WL Maps:
The problem with Maps is they take so much time to draw up and to code. It would take a few months just to add a few into the cycle. Zorg stated that he will look at this later when there is more time.

- Outcasts Point: Spectral Items:
Spectral Items have now been REMOVED, the banners are staying however, but don't panic! Spectrals will return over holiday seasons so you still have a chance to get the banners!

- Outcasts Point: New Weapons:
It was suggested that new weapons be made that use focus. Zorg wants the discussion moved to suggestions forum.

- Blade of Dawn Point: Subscription Banners:
Not Recorded, and would be highly unfair to anyone who has bought sub in the past. It would
mean that they would have to re-buy just to get banners.

- Blade of Dawn Point: New Abilities:
It was raised about abilities and that people wanted more, Scott will look into more abilities and put
forward a few to Zorg.

- Dark Flame Point: More Maps:
Dark Flame also raised that they wanted more maps, again we will consult players when the time comes either by
a suggestions thread or a competition.

- Dark Flame Point: Shadowing Tweaks:
Shadowing was raised and possible tweaks. Tibos has posted a thread in the Suggestions Forum. Dependant on the feedback we will look at making the changes or leaving it how it is.

- Dark Flame Point: Post Limit:
It was suggested for an increase so it has been to 3000 instead. However mails will need looking at due
to space reasons.

- Dark Flame Point: Forum Titles:
Again raised about forum titles being too small, so we have increased it.#

- Dark Flame Point: Gang Hopping:
Dark Flame raised a point about people swapping gangs just to be on the winning team or to glory hunt.
Myself and Zorg see barely any way to combat this issue without it having a major effect on sign ups and players rage quitting gangs. Scott has referred the issue to the Chamber of Elders to discuss and hopefully come to a solution.

- Dark Flame Point: Gang Guards:
It was questioned about the Guards strength and effectiveness. We will release more information when we ourselves
know how the guards will be.

- Dark Flame Point: Rank 14 Tweaks:
It was raised (and has always) about Rank 14 not being able to do job effectively. We have now removed the rank 13 access and granted it to the rank 14 role.

- The Chapter Point: Stat Price Change:
It was said that prices to change stats are too expensive. We however see it as a good credit sink for
the economy. We will look at reducing the price for lower levels at a later date however.

- The Chapter Point: Rank 10/18 Clothing Items:
Players would like more gang clothing, bcfcespley and DMaster will start asking Gang Leaders
for what they would like.

Clothing Point:
Zorg raised an issue to gangs about buying clothing items. The problem is we don't want Holiday Clothing to go dull
over people wearing it all year round, so we have decided to keep it's exclusiveness. Also, there might be a new currency to buy
set clothing items. More about this will be posted by Zorg at a later date.

LA Point:
It was highlighted about Legacy Affairs not working how it should, as of this 2 Members have been removed as players asked. Thank you to Lucas and Skorne for all your work. Elders are currently deciding on 1 new elder and 2 new LA members. Congratulations to CodeHydro for being promoted to Elder Status.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, October 24th 2010
Ok! So tomorrow the Halloween event will start, it will last for 7 days (Ending 31st!). Each day those who signed up for the game will get mailed by the police chief daily and bit's of evidence you have found (from past days) will be posted automatically to the "evidence locker".

Every day you will get a new set of evidence to find someone to question, this will build up clues to help you find out the hive murderer! Don't panic if you get the wrong answer I hear you will still be able to conduct your investigations however on the last days of this event being correct will have to be crucial. If you work it out before the final day then you must say I think the murderer is: in the mail you submit to the police chief.

The winner will be the first person to guess correctly. Good luck investigators - you're our only hope to find our who murdered Zorg !

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