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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, October 24th 2010
Ok! So tomorrow the Halloween event will start, it will last for 7 days (Ending 31st!). Each day those who signed up for the game will get mailed by the police chief daily and bit's of evidence you have found (from past days) will be posted automatically to the "evidence locker".

Every day you will get a new set of evidence to find someone to question, this will build up clues to help you find out the hive murderer! Don't panic if you get the wrong answer I hear you will still be able to conduct your investigations however on the last days of this event being correct will have to be crucial. If you work it out before the final day then you must say I think the murderer is: in the mail you submit to the police chief.

The winner will be the first person to guess correctly. Good luck investigators - you're our only hope to find our who murdered Zorg !

"First! Good luck to those who participate"
"oh noez zorg! "
"Your character look made me die inside."
"Zorg is dead "
"I killed him mwahahaha! He tried to take my nacho's "
"What happens if we wanted Zorg to be murdered "
"i didnt do it. dont you fruits be blaming me!"
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