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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, January 28th 2011
So nearly February and still a few bits to do. I'm going to post a list of stuff that's already been looked at - anymore suggestions feel free to post them in the blog comments; just not crazy ideas that take a lot of time to prep as we have enough of those. For 2011 I have:

- Murder Mystery (one or two not 100% sure yet),
- Valentines Event,
- LegCon (March and one later in the year),
- Easter,
- WTF Mode
- Halloween,
- Christmas,
- New Year.

Of course in there will be a few Awesome Hours that I will leave to DMaster or dk16, random Contests and games etc... almost forgot to add there won't be a Werewolf game for a while maybe until March/April. Last one kind of ... droned on and on and I figure people are sick of seeing it right now.

Oh and before I forget ... again Moderator applications for Online Chat are open; if you want more info it's in the Main Forum. Staff apps are closing in the next 2/3 days so if you want to apply but haven't... get a move on!

Finally we're always looking to add more events I know Zorg asked me to look at a few to add so I'll see what the blog comments turn out like and go from there.
"1st. Finally a damn blog post!!!"
"Carnivale! Mardi Gras! We need more masks and stuff to have fun with around the game. "
"What a great line up we have...seems familiar, kinda like the last 5 years? "
"Shame the blog has no news about updates."
"I would have liked to have a WW game, provided it was better-run (no offense, KevMan). But everything looks great "
"Forgot Legacy's 6th Anniv too... oops."
"Flag Competition..."
"inFamous 1st. Finally a damn blog post!!!...congrats idiots"
"Wtf is wth mode."
"Defosage, i believe you forget i had no internet access and pie took over....with internet and didnt bother? "
" scott if you forgot you need the anniversary, however you spell "
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