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Game News posted by sumwish
Friday, January 5th 2024
Here are the round results:

1. Chapter: 1,631,605 points
2. Blade of Dawn: 1,272,795 points
3. Dark Flame: 679,435 points
4. Outcasts: 628,525 points

Map change this time is a bit late. I thought that instead of coordinating with a dev to be online together I could just have them change the important settings ahead of time and then I could do the face lift after, but I forgot one important detail. I'm sorry for the extended down time, as soon as we're able to get the settings changed for the WL to be functional we'll throw it back on. If it takes a bit too long then I'll put in a temporary fix and put it up anyway. Thank you for your patience.
"Happy New Year!"
"You see this ^^ It’s proof you were all on my lawn!! "
"Patience is not my strong point, but I learn about lag here,,,"
"Grats tc"
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