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Game News posted by Will
Saturday, November 11th 2023
This announcement is going to be slightly different than the norm since this has not happened in quite a while.

It was brought to my team and my attention that some individuals were having issues when it came to purchasing Platinum through PayPal. The issue being that the purchase would go through but no platinum would be delivered. Oddly enough this was only through PayPal as other services seemed to work fine.

This was quickly brought to Zorg's attention as well as HCS directly, who have since fixed the issue.

If you have purchased Platinum via PayPal within the past couple weeks but never received Platinum, please create a ticket through the HCS ticket system. They appear to be able to see the purchases and will push the Platinum through.
Game News posted by Will
Sunday, November 5th 2023
Apologies for the delay in posting the results. Was really difficult just to get the new map up.

Anyways, here are the results for the most recent round:

1. Chapter: 1,908,835 points
2. Outcasts: 632,945 points
3. Dark Flame: 583,915 points
4. Blade of Dawn: 462,905 points
Game News posted by sumwish
Thursday, October 26th 2023
Map 1 is our winner.

19:42 Vita: TC = 1 DF = 2 BoD = 3 OC = 4 Positions will go counter
19:42 clockwise this time
19:42 Vita: !roll 1 d4
19:42 System: Result: 1
19:43 Vita: !roll 1 d4
19:43 System: Result: 2
19:43 Vita: bruh
19:43 Vita: !roll 1 d4
19:43 System: Result: 1
19:43 Vita: !roll 1 d4
19:43 System: Result: 3

HQ locations are:

TC 6,6
DF 6,10
BoD 10,10
OC 10,6

We are planning for a November 1st change. This map needs a few ducks to be in a row, so if things change then look for an update in this blog post.


Looks like the turn over will be delayed by at least one day.
Game News posted by sumwish
Sunday, October 15th 2023
Sorry for the late start with the Halloween WW game. This has been a bit of a rough week for me irl. I plan to get the game set up tonight and I'm aiming for a Wednesday start. I'll have roles assigned and the game set up in a thread tonight. I'll PM everyone to confirm their role and start day. In order for a smooth start I ask that you also PM me back acknowledging the game starting so we can avoid Mod Kills.

Turn Out is low for this game so if there's any last minute players just shoot me a PM and I can get you added to a role. Prizes this time should be good in comparison.

Shadress was supposed to make a return this past week (Esp for Friday the 13th) but I wasn't able to spend much of that day at a computer. She's going to come around some more this coming week. Keep a look out for announcements in the Unofficial Legacy Discord. If you need an invitation to the discord check out my profile and follow instructions on the waiting room page to get verified.
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