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Game News posted by Bongo
Wednesday, September 1st 2021
The latest warfare results are as follows:

Warfare: July - August 2021

1:Dark Flame: 2,327,430 points
2: Outcasts: 989,570 points
3: Blade of Dawn: 593,870 points
4: Chapter: 153,890 points

Congratulations to DF on their victory!

The next map, a symmetrical 4-objective map with non-mobile HQ's is live! To many peoples' joy, the Phase Disruptor has not been selected to be in this map. The original goal was to have 5 radiation cannons, however due to limitations it could not be done.

Game News posted by Bongo
Tuesday, August 31st 2021
The next wasteland map will go live tomorrow (September 1st) at 9am server time.

It will be the winner of the current game vote. I'll just check which one wins tomorrow.

- Bongo
Game News posted by Lynx
Sunday, July 25th 2021
Hey ya'll

A wild blog post appeared
In all seriousness, got a few things on my mind, so this will be a quick one.

First off, I'll be pushing a small update to Diego's Hideout.
A button that'll let you claim all completed quests at once.


The caveat to this is, it's a relatively "naive" approach that simply claims the quests 1-by-1 from the top down.

Which means if the first 2 quests in your list is claimed successfully, but the third fails, (f.x. if you fail the pistol quest)

The page will error out, and only the first 2 quests will be rewarded to you.
Yes. this is intended behaviour, so please don't report this as a bug.

Secondly, I've also pushed a potential small fix to gang armouries finishing upgrades permaturely before the time was up.

This is really really f..... cumbersome to test properly locally, so fingers crossed it'll not break the whole thing.

Remember last time, I tried to "fix" ticks?
Set the whole game back by 9 hours... yikes.

Last but not least, I just want to highlight a thread by hunter8 in the main forums.

Potential for a really great discussion there, I personally believe that my own proposed solution is somewhat feasible.

So please check it out, think about it, post your ideas, criticism, quotes, arguments or beliefs. just remember to keep it civil

So long.
See ya'll around.

- Lynx

Post mortem: It wasn't a quick blog post.
Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, July 6th 2021
You can now see fight history (i.e. offensive fight history) as an attacker in Player News.

This applies specifically to PvP and all new fights (i.e. we don't have historical fight records of your fight before this update).

Another suggestion has been to record the %s in the fight history logs to help you further analyze your fights, so that may come next.


Past Rounds
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Name changes
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Dark Legion Armor
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