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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, March 5th 2021
There will be a few more things on dev in a bit when Zorg gets a chance to upload.

1. Level Editor

You will now be able to set your level (1 - 100) explicitly and have it reset your stat points correctly. The only thing it doesn't currently do is reset abilities higher than your current level. I can probably add that in when I have time, all the data's on the same page anyway, but for now use the ability editor to reset if needed.

2. Equipment Spawner in Shadow Dojo

The "Spawn Player Equip" button will let you spawn whatever gear items are on the Player/Attacker side, complete with the socketed crystals and upgrades. There are no limits in place on this but be aware that the more junk items that fill up dev, the slower it will get. So make sure you delete/sell off older sets you don't need.

I also added a dropdown, as seen in the above screenshot, which will be on both live and dev. You can now simulate fights 500/1000/5000/10000 times.

Be aware that the options >= 1000 will likely take a couple of seconds (10k usually takes like ~7 seconds for me).


I believe with the level editing, equipment spawner, and ability editing, dev will already become a much easier place to test stuff more easily.

I'll look towards adding some of the other suggestions from the thread (including quest editing, so that you could technically reset for example your CoB or other hunting quests and see what lower levels might see).

Hope you all are ready to go back to jail soon!

Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, March 4th 2021
Added a few things to the combat sim to make it easier to analyze, test, and share data.

1. Import/Export buttons

Click Export to copy that current build to your clipboard; Import it in either area or share it with someone else. It's not encoded in any way; you can actually see the values in it, so you can share it with optimizations as well. In time, I'll add the ability to edit item stats itself.

2. Preset Builds

I added a preset builds section that you can quickly drop into Attacker or Defender areas by clicking the respective buttons. If you hover over an item in each build, it'll tell you what crystals are slotted in.

This can be a very fast way to start with a meta or preset build and mod it to your heart's content.

3. A few more details

Added Damage stats + average/min/max fight duration stats (i.e. # of turns).

In an update either this week or next week, I'll make it so that on the development server, you can spawn the items (slotted with whatever upgrades) that you see in your build in the sim.

Hope this makes testing/simming amongst these new changes easier.

Chapter 4 coming soon

Game News posted by Owl
Thursday, March 4th 2021
Hello Dear Legacy,

I feel like the last update was a stir in this giant soup called Legacy.

I'll try to explain the intentions of this update and the actual changes that were made because overall I feel it wasn't understood by the community as much.
I had intended to post a blog but didn't have the time, so sorry on that from my part.

1 - Gang T4 weapons are out, They were rebalanced couple of times and I feel like we should try em out.
I did read all the feedback about ritual dagger and warlord katana, my itention were that they would have higher damage compared to their gun counterparts, therefore they recieved a buf of 6 damage.

Berserk ability:
Introducing a new mechanic that counts damage, if you get 100k damage on the weapon (Yap it was nerfed) you can activate the weapon to have +20% weapon stats (AFTER crystals+mod calculations) for 2 hours.
It has a 7 day cooldown.
All damage is counted after you press Activate so all damage dealt within these 2 hours are counted towards the next rage.

2- Armor stablization,
The older armor formula as I see it is a defect, it didn't work.
Therefore I planned and tested carefully a new formula that would work for everyone but still make the previous feeling for fights.

This created meaningful stat and rebalanced armors to have a favor based on their stat.

Meaning - the stats are still work in progress, Live is a larger scale which affects people more and I never said the current stats are pefect, we will rebalance them and already tested readjustments.
Before making these readjustments I'm still observing how it affects people and we're thinking of ways to introduce fairness to this change so please be patient.

The intentions are still in place:
HF - If you prefer tankier build but you get penelty on dodge.
DL - You want more dodge.
SG1 - You want a balanced build with Def.

It didn't change the intention of the armors just buffed them according to their choice.
Overall players feel that armors are more meaningful and HF is a valid choice now.
This part of the update was a success, Before that I rarely saw someone run a HF armor.
And I'm happy to see people experimenting and choosing an armor

For all other armors, all armor values were multiplied by 1.7 to accomodate to the new formula.
This didn't affect anything just rebalanced their armor value to the same feeling as before.

3. Damage statistics
As I said in previous posts we now count every damage dealt by weapons and damage takne by armors.
We're still thinking of fun features to do with these stats, expect some fun variances that include new tasks and rewards

4. Item abilities
In the last poll people liked the idea of abilities and we'll introduce more to existing weapons, this will make them valid again, this includes:
Railgun T2, Scythe + Scythe T2, Chain blade and C.Sword.

5. Combat updates.
Everyone agreed that combat was stale and boring, everyone got to their end game build and nothing changes - Then I made my first poll about "What kind of updates you want to see".
The conclution was - players want more choices, more builds and more variances.

The focus of these updates are just that, to create more variances, cool choices, second builds and maybe even 3rd builds.
Not all builds are going to be 50/50 but that's called Balanced imbalance.
I want to create more meaningful choices and things you can keep testing and playing with.

What to expect?
More item abilities, more attack types and more items in generally - Weapons, miscs and Gang items.

I encourage you to send me a PM in discord or Legacy if you feel like something isn't understood or you want more explenation on some things like how I tested and designed them or if you just wanna have a chat it's cool too. The coffee is on you

See you in the next update <3

Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, March 2nd 2021
The development server now has an ability editor that you can use to update specific or all abilities on your account.

You can get to it by the link on the Main page, where the Advent calendar link was (speaking of which, bye bye advent)!

This editor is also available for admin use on the live game server to make it easier to debug ability related issues.

More editors to come over time.

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