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Dev News posted by Meepers
Wednesday, May 10th 2023
We are excited to introduce a brand new item and mechanic to Legacy called Meep Coin! This special currency is given as an additional reward to players who receive Staff Favor, and can be used to purchase exclusive items and buffs that are not available elsewhere.

All active players in good standing are eligible to receive and use the Meep Coin, and you can earn one whenever you get Staff Favor. Meep Coins are not tradable or sellable at the moment, but we may consider allowing players to trade them in the future.

Wondering what you can do with Meep Coins? The possibilities are endless! You can use them to purchase various hive buffs, WL-related buffs, energy items, and exclusive collector's edition paints and designs. Plus, you can use Meep Coins in secret Forge Recipes to create rare and upgraded items that are not available anywhere else.

There is no limit to how many Meep Coins you can earn or use, and they do not have an expiration date as of now. However, we may consider adding an expiration timer in the future to keep the game balanced if it's deemed necessary.

Meep Coins have already been implemented in the game, so you can start earning them today! We hope that this new item will add an extra level of excitement and that it will help to promote a more positive playing experience for everyone.

Thank you for your continued support, and happy 18th to Legacy!


"Yo this isn't april 1st."
"Player of the month what? ;D ;D"
"I like the idea"
"sounds pretty cool"
"lol 10 years and I have be faved twice "
"Late April Fools?"
"staff favor seem's to be very selective my account is 14 years and i can count on 1 hand how many favors ive received... maybe if staff did spread the "help" then it wouldn't seem so 1 sided "
"Boons 2.0?"
"Yea, can not say I've ever really been favored either. And I'm approaching 18."
"12 years and I've only been favored for ww game wins. I think this is crap to be honest. I've helped a lot of newbies when they first start and never have I been noticed for it."
" can't wait to never earn one this is a terrible idea, and no one ever gets favored anyway "
"As long as progress isn't locked out, I'm fine with it. If you can have a fancy paint for items, sure. But no to these being used to get stronger equipment if ever considered. "
"Not impressed! Over 13 years never been favoured. Going to discourage players like me who just want to play the game!"
"New rarest item in the game"
"gotta agree with marley on this one"
"Will lead to abuse since it is so subjective"
"I like the positive reinforcement idea which is something staff do not practice. I just don’t think a new currency need be used too"
"this is ridiculous. why not just make this something we can earn through activity, rather than selectively favoring someone for "good behavior" whenever you see fit."
"favors are always for the same, said those who always get favors will be happy again, the rest can go to hell again"
"Great idea for the half dozen of the staff favorites. The anticipation is palpable."
"ahhh im gonna meeeep"
"Would rather this be tied to something else. Staff Favor already has rewards that are accepted through the community with the daily bonus effects."
"The idea is cool but this really shouldn't be tied to staff favor imo if it's doing all that. Nevertheless looking forward to seeing how it plays out"
"Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen"
"I pray to god this is a troll and not real. "
"reward for making weekly top 10 to promote activity would be a better option"
"b> staff favour 100k"
"Ehh, not a big fan of this. Tinkering between favoritism and P2W in a way. "
"Rework Boon Shop"
"is this a joke? "
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