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Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, May 9th 2023
That's the anniversary gift boxes up for Legacy's 18th birthday! I've been speaking to the your mother and I think it's time you moved out and got your own place. But hey, at least you're old enough to drink now... in the UK anyway.

You can also buy 'Twisted Tea' in Joe's Merchandise to celebrate and there is a Toolbox in the gift box this year. Thanks to faelust for making all the artwork so I didn't have to.
"Last years anniversary pic when?"
"You have lost your marbles. How people sign up for this at 8 or younger. How do we know it’s really you and not an impersonator staff?"
"https://wiki.legacy-ga ift_Box_18 Dunno if links work in Blog comments - but Wiki updates happened Woulda loved this over the weekend though"
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