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Game News posted by Meepers
Friday, October 28th 2022
Just a quick update, I've been very busy with work and real life that I haven't been able to coordinate with Gang Leaders on the upcoming new map I wanted to release. I understand it may be too late to stick to the release time frame now as gangs don't have the time to form an optimal strategy. In my humble opinion, I don't think a lot of planning is required for this new map but regardless, it might be better to start this new map and WF Mode in Jan 2023. It would give us time to iron out some of the smaller details and maybe even get some optional GFX done for it.

With that said please hold tight for a little longer on what the next map will be for Nov - Dec.

In other news, double XP will commence this weekend. Approximately midnight server time, which is 4 hours from writing this blog. And it shall last 48 hours exactly.

"how about 2x double XP as a present for getting our hopes up?"
"^ "
"that sounds like a great idea would you be able to make 1 week of gains happen?"
"I have just posted 2 new map in the Map Submission Thread. Simple design and mechanics!"
"ThE sIlEnCiNg 2K2K2K2K ^"
"This is just poop."
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