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Game News posted by rollin340
Saturday, September 17th 2022
So, there is a bug where if you get a drop from a Hunt whilst having a fill inventory, you'll get an error, and the item goes into the abyss, lost forever. Unfortunately, I don't think those items are currently logged, so we can't even return them to you who might have encountered this.

There is a fix up, but it'll only go live on Monday, 19 Sep 2022.

tldr; Till 19 Sep 2022, make sure your inventory isn't full when you Hunt.

" womp womp womp"
"Wait, how long has this been a thing? I've been doing this for SNPC's for quite some time now. "
"16:42 [ View ] You lost your Rift Gun x7 to the void."
"Also for when you collect drones. I lost about 4 drone lots because of this"
"Damn that’s where my 27 core staff’s went "
"Serves them right for being lazy and not managing their inventory!"
"Since the 9th. Anything that can send stuff the Void is affected, but I assumed Hunting would be the most prevalent one. Not even sure where else we Void stuff. "
"Crafting shows an error when inventory is full."
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