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Game News posted by Pie
Wednesday, June 29th 2022
The vote for the next Warfare map has finished and the results are as follows:

Option 1 - 18 Votes
Option 2 - 36 Votes
Option 3 - 15 Votes
Option 4 - 33 Votes

Which means we'll be playing this map:

The starting positions will be as follows:

Outcasts: 14, 14
Dark Flame: 2, 14
Blade of Dawn: 2, 2
Chapter: 11, 4

The current Warfare round will end on the 1st July at 9am Server Time and, after a period of Warfare downtime, the new map will begin.

If you have any questions (or if I've forgotten to mention anything) then please post in the vote thread in the WL & Raids Forum.
"What if instead of voting for the map, we all vote for what gang everyone will hop to in order to keep the game unbalanced "
"i voted for option 4"
"I feel like personally haven't played on this map in like 8 years"
"Worst fucking map df/oc written on this shit"
"Why aren't the starting HQ positions, in a line, like they usually are? Generally "established" locations are for symmetrical maps."
"Oh yeah, the map I first saw when I joined Legacy "
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