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Game News posted by sumwish
Tuesday, May 3rd 2022
Here's the results from the last round:

Wasteland Round: March 2022 through April 2022

1. Dark Flame: 2,551,075 points
2. Outcasts: 480,970 points
3. Blade of Dawn: 332,910points
4. Chapter: 227,450 points

It was a close round but Congratulations to DF for their photo finish!

Continuing from Pie's post, we announced a TWO WEEK double gains even for the community. Check out his post to see what gets doubled and what doesn't. Make sure you stop by the forums for some community events and keep your eyes out for some possible WL mischief
"sumwish, work on your sarcasm. its lacking in this instance. thank you. love, dag"
"DF didn't triple all 3 other gangs put together this time. (Carry the 1, divide by X) They lost Keep up the good work everyone! Nothing needs to change. Warfare is the best it's ever been! "
"Congratulations DF."
"Good work DF, I hope you've had your fun! Let's equalize the gangs dodgeball style, I call team captain!"
"I want a recount."
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