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Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, January 4th 2022
Unfortunately due to various situations, both MattG2 (now named Fridge) and FatTony will no longer be part of the VH (Volunteer Helper) team. Both of their time as part of this team has been invaluable.

That being said though, this also means I will be looking for new VH to take their place. Applications will be posted in the Main Forum via a stickied thread. Any and all applications have to be done via the message system here in Legacy. Not Discord or some other 3rd party software.

Hopefully everyone's new year has started well. Down in the south it has barely been 5 days and we've already experienced 3 of the 4 seasons. So it's been interesting for me so far...
"Thanks MattG2 and FT for your service."
"I also live in the south. Weather sucks"
"I would like to further express my thanks towards FatTony & MattG2 for the time that they spent as a member of our VH team, it is greatly appreciated. Goodluck to all that apply!"
"No kidding. Feels like we've experienced every weather condition in the past 2 weeks. "
"Matt was a decent staff member, and FT will always be a legend. Thank you both for your time up there"
"But byeeeee fatty fat fat Tony. Good riddance."
"Thanks MattG2, and FatTony, I wish you guys the best on you're next adventures."
"Appreciate the time put in gents."
"why in the hell was my post deleted?"
"Both massive losses. Good luck to everyone who applies "
"Fattony is a legend"
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