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Game News posted by MattG2
Sunday, January 2nd 2022
Hi everyone,

The latest warfare results are as follows:

Warfare: September - October 2021

1: Dark Flame 1,555,885 points
2: Outcasts: 696,885 points
3: Chapter: 693,825 points
4: Blade of Dawn: 472,645 points

Congratulations to DF on their victory!

There has been an edit made from the original concept that this map was supposed to have, that being that objectives would rotate clockwise every six hours. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations of the (old) Warfare system, it was not possible to achieve this. In lieu of this, the squares directly in front of each objective will now move at the same frequency ( 2,8, 8,2, 8,14, 14,8 ).

I encourage all of you to take a stab at creating a map, to create one, visit the Wasteland and Raids forum and click on the 'Map Submission Thread'. It is broken down into two options, 15x15, and 30x30. We will be running tests on Dev to see if a larger map can be sustained in the main game before putting up a vote.

Take care!
"2nd "
"If we have a 30 X 30. It'll take us 4 hours to win ...we have Rocket League to play, keep it at 15 X 15 please."
"What an absolute embarrassment for OC. Being handed 2nd from df and barely making it."
"The fact that oc only beat tc by 3,060 is absolutely laughable and pathetic I'd love to be able to fight more than just DF, but TC lives in their heads rent free baybee "
"Ya’ll really got 3,060 no scoped"
"30x30 is pretty massive so I'd recommend staying around 20x20 or max 25x25"
"30x30 is way too big. I suggest 15 wide and +15-25 long."
"15 wide allows for the map image to not break the website layout."
""It's not the size of the map, it's how you use it.""
"Congrats to TC on winning 2nd place. well played. "
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