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Game News posted by Will
Monday, December 27th 2021
Okay, a few things to go over with this one.

First and foremost: hopefully everyone is having a safe and fun holiday time!

Second (and first notion of official business): as some might already be aware, myself and a couple others have been working on the Game Rules. More accurately, the ones that apply specifically to Legacy itself outside of the Hunted Cow Studios Terms of Service. These rules have already been updated and are available for you to read at any time at the bottom of Legacy.

Next up: on a more personal note, I am fully aware that my absence has been all but unnoticed this previous year. I have been dealing with a lot of things in my personal life and just have not had a lot of time to be around as much as I should be. A lot of that has changed already and will allow me to once again be actually around.

That said on the previous note, I also feel that I should mention that if at any point an issue arises with my Volunteer Helper team, the first course of action should be addressing the issue with myself first. If at that point a resolve to the issue cannot be reached, then you should reach out to Legacy Affairs. Which I realize a lot of people have skipped this step because I have not been around. To which, I will point back to my previous point.

Meanwhile, Legacy Awards is live in the Main Forum, Double Gains is live until Jan 1st, 2022 is right around the corner, and I think I have taken up enough of your time already.

Stay safe and we will see you in 2022!
"glad to see you back.... "
"Remember, you can use the in-game Ticket System now to file confidential Legacy Affairs tickets. Only LA folks can look at them, not staff or devs."
"Should have copied HC's rule on staff/mods with addition of lead and LA. The one in game rules is quite badly written."
"wl Will"
"Hi Will. Hope you're happy, healthy, and doing well. Good to see you back."
"link not clickable. please fix?"
"Do what you gotta do Will. RL comes first, especially as this is volunteer work. Glad to see you back. Hope the holidays are good for you too. Stay in good spirits."
"maybe too little to late damage is already done. glad your ok again now though "
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