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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 6th 2021
Sharing some notes on some QoL changes I did that should be checked into the game whenever Zorg has a moment. I pretty much just browsed through like 40 pages of the Suggestions forum looking for changes that could be quick/easy to do. Thanks to all those who suggestions I ended up using!

  • Resetting stat points at Xen’s Dojo grants you a 30 minute buff, Dojo’s Receipt, that lets you continue resetting points for free during that time. (Credit to zvasbinder)

  • Added a simple text-based movement timer to WL overview (at the bottom of the map); even if you misclick, you won’t be able to move accidentally in the overview until the timer’s up. (Credit to, I *think*, Joseph since he had asked for this forever ago)

  • /glance now also shows you square control on the glanced square. (Credit to Joseph)

  • Show player search results as soon as you land on the player fight/search page if you have the option “Open on arrival” enabled. (Credit to Larse - though this was only a part of his suggestion; couldn’t add the rest just yet).

  • Streamlined the entry to the black market; you only have to talk to Sudo one time when being granted your first entry into the market. After that, clicking the black market will take you straight in. (Credit to UnicornBob).

  • You can now use in-game tickets to submit a Legacy Affairs ticket (new category in the dropdown). I need to update the images on the Tickets page but you can get there by clicking the “Report a game bug” image and clicking the dropdown to change the category. (Fae had been asking for this forever so credit to her? )

In addition to these, rollin340 also fixed urls for sidechat. Also, thanks to Lynx for fixing the offensive/defensive fight history bug.

In addition to that... there is ...something else that is coming once the above QoL changes go live. But I'll save details on that for another blog post once it's in

"Oooh sounds good, thanks everyone."
"wow! good stuff"
"These QoL changes will help quite a bit! Thanks all"
"good stuff man! appreciate it! "
"beer update?"
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