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Game News posted by MattG2
Tuesday, November 16th 2021
We’d like to expand, elaborate, and introduce more considerations to the previous blog.

Although done so under a different context, the Radiation Cannon was once again used in a manner that meets the interpretation of the Game Rules, specifically Rule 2.0, Farming/Funding Accounts: “You also are not allowed to help enemy gangs gain warfare points or territory in the wasteland. All participants in such activity will be punished”. This leads us to begin considering a few things that I’d like to share.

1 - The Radiation Cannon and its place in Gang Warfare - Where we have now encountered multiple uses of the Radiation Cannon that have fallen under grey areas of the rules, the question begs to be asked as to whether it should be included in the roster of available objectives for future Wasteland Map use. I am not saying it is going to be removed, however there will be discussion regarding its place.

2 - Game Rules - There are portions of the Game Rules, with an emphasis on Rule 2.0, that have not stood up to the test of time, and this has made it difficult to properly enforce. Voluntary Helpers, Legacy Affairs, and Zorg himself will be reviewing the games current rules and will attempt to clear as many grey areas as possible so that we can better enforce them.

3 - Dealing with Gang Concerns - This is more of a reminder than anything, but we please ask that if there is something regarding Gang Warfare that you’d like to have investigated, that you reach out to your directed Gang Rep as a starting point. That’s what they’re there for, and we ask that you use them for the resource that they are.

A coinciding Thread will be put up in the Main Forum to allow for some constructive discussion regarding the above. We value your opinions, stances, and expertise and ask that you kindly and calmly communicate any concerns or suggestions you have.

Thank you,
"Good stuff. Blow the dust off the rule book so that we may make up rules as we go! "
"Remember when i asked for this exact rule to be clarified and alot of players went nuclear?"
"It's wasn't me. "
"Why not just remove the negative gang cap percent from the cannon. Make it only give more exposure to players. Also having PD on a map with islands. I mean, is that also cheating? "
"Make a coding change so that the cannon cannot be used on squares of the gang controlling it."
"Can you all just not cheat for like once "
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