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Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, November 9th 2021
The recent wasteland browser lag has been fixed in an upcoming patch (available whenever Zorg has a chance to sync the codebase next).

This 'browser lag' specifically refers to the lag/slowness nearly all WLers have reported when on the wasteland page for too long, leading to really slow cursor movement on the map or making it hard to even type a chat message (or do anything on the page really) unless you refreshed.

The issue, for anyone curious, was a memory leak on our end in the rendering code that for some reason wasn't a big issue before but has now become a majorly apparent issue in recent browser versions (likely due to changes in the browser's rendering capabilities). I've fixed that memory leak so once the patch is live, things should be pretty smooth.

Note: This lag does not affect 'network lag', which is the lag in your responses from the server (i.e. here's what the map looks like now!) and your requests to the server (move here, click this, use this ability..etc).

I'll comment below once I know the update is live.

"interestingly, did not effect me since i have to constantly refresh when on phone. "
"Lag fix is now live!"
"nice work Aldo, thanks much!"
"Thank you Aldo "
"Just when I was ready to quit over it!"
"thank you Aldo!"
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