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Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, March 4th 2021
Added a few things to the combat sim to make it easier to analyze, test, and share data.

1. Import/Export buttons

Click Export to copy that current build to your clipboard; Import it in either area or share it with someone else. It's not encoded in any way; you can actually see the values in it, so you can share it with optimizations as well. In time, I'll add the ability to edit item stats itself.

2. Preset Builds

I added a preset builds section that you can quickly drop into Attacker or Defender areas by clicking the respective buttons. If you hover over an item in each build, it'll tell you what crystals are slotted in.

This can be a very fast way to start with a meta or preset build and mod it to your heart's content.

3. A few more details

Added Damage stats + average/min/max fight duration stats (i.e. # of turns).

In an update either this week or next week, I'll make it so that on the development server, you can spawn the items (slotted with whatever upgrades) that you see in your build in the sim.

Hope this makes testing/simming amongst these new changes easier.

Chapter 4 coming soon

"chaper 4 "
"thank you, this makes dojo way more easier to use "
"Awesome Aldo, thank you very much!"
"Thank you, this is so fucking nice "
"Awesome! I couldn't use dojo before. Thanks brother!"
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