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Game News posted by Will
Monday, January 4th 2021
Hope everyone had a great holiday and brought the new year in in a fantastic way.

So as some of you might have seen earlier when asking for a motivated volunteer, something new is available to the VH.

15:04 [ View ] Will has silenced Zach temporarily.
15:09 [ View ] Will has silenced Zach temporarily.
15:10 [ View ] Will has unsilenced Zach.

The simple version is: this is a new tool available to VH that can prohibit someone from seeing and/or using the side chat (gang chat still works as that is a gang affiliated chat), forums (public only), and chat channels (again, public only).

The extended version is the above but includes: A silence can last anywhere between 1 hour to 24 hours. The purpose is to try and de-escalate a situation before it gets out of hand without resorting to a disfavor that includes debuffs to the player.

I will be going over expectations and appropriate times to use said tool with the other VH so it does not get abused or used incorrectly.

Hope you all have a fantastic day.
"No, you calm down."
"Can I silence Will? "
"That is cook "
"That is cool"
"fuck the soys"
"This will definitely get abused "
"this is a lovely addition such a good idea "
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