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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, January 4th 2021
So we had to rollback the game to a ~3:46 AM game time backup due to a bug. This means we lost roughly 9 hours of progress.

(The error was not related to the latest shadow dojo/wl fix game update, just so we're clear)

As a sort of "We're sorry you lost some progress", we'll be doing double XP this upcoming weekend - Saturday and Sunday (9th and 10th) game time. You'll see the timer on the front page soon.

Other than that, hope you like the time travel back! If you did anything spectacular during those 9 hours... i hope you can do it again

If you notice any other issues, reach out to a member of the dev team.

Enjoy the Shadow Dojo in Xen's Dojo btw!

"Double Gains*"
"Funny, I don't feel 9 hours younger"
"Thought I was going crazy when I logged in an had 'new' msgs I'd already replied to"
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Blade of Dawn
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