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Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, November 19th 2020
The next raid in the ongoing storyline is out now! Chapter 3 is by far the most complex, by design, that I've had to put together. It was pretty exhausting to make but I think ultimately also pretty rewarding and fun!

Hope you enjoy it

Expired cards now have a sellback price so you can sell spare ones.

In the game vote that determines the next update I'll drop, the combat sim one by a huge difference. I'll be releasing a version of the combat sim for all of you in Xen's Dojo at some point next week so look forward to that!

In other raids, Chapter 4 and SH3 will follow in the coming weeks as well

"combat sim *won"
"Aldo, you need to hire somebody to proofread for you?"
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Blade of Dawn
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