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Game News posted by Lynx
Friday, September 4th 2020
Namelog Update

Hey All.

Just a quick heads-up about whats to come in the next update.

Name change history! Soon you'll be able to see fellow players name history.

Name changes due to shrubs, will not be automatically added to this list.

As also stated in the image, if you feel a name shouldn't be on your list, and you have a genuine good reason to have it removed, you can either send in a ticket, or message a staff member directly to have it removed.
However staff will determine at their own discretion whether or not the reason provided is valid.

Additionally, if you can (read: want to), compile a list of previous names you have had, and want them added to this list, you should contact staff as well.

- Lynx
"love it! Does it start recording history now, or was that somehow tracked already?"
"@Matt It's not backward compatible, that's why it's a manual process by staff for those who want it to be.."
"Can we switch back to old names since we had to pay for them?"
"Wonder what feature this update will break. "
"Changing your name, even if it is to one you've used before, still needs to go through the same process. So no, it won't be made free."
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