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Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, February 4th 2020
There has been really split feedback on whether Cloudflare has improved the performance of the game or made it worse, as such I've made some changes to try and support both.

The default site will continue to go through Cloudflare, which should have improved image loading for more remote players. If you find this to be slow or unresponsive you can use the URL below to connect directly to the Legacy servers and bypass Cloudflare. I've tested it and it seems to all be working, but let me know on Discord if you find any issues with it.

Direct URL:

You'll obviously need to update bookmarks and such if you wish to play via this new URL.
"best "
"Ooo. Best of both worlds."
"Well played sir, well played."
"Zorg for the gamechanger updates "
"Awesome however, it seems to keep putting me back on the normal site, is it just hiding the direct in the the URL or something?"
"Finally! After years and years of players complsints about the site lagging so much, we now have an update! I do hope that direct link will in fact will improve the loading speed here. Thank you! "
"Is there no way to identify and fix the root cause that makes cloudflare lag as it does? "
"the Direct link seems noticeably faster from my ISP in New York"
"As of currently 2.10pm serve time 9th Feb the game is ridiculously laggy on both links?"
"Unfortunately, plays awfully for me with both options."
"Was good at first, slowly become about the same lag as the usual link"
"Appreciate the support. So many years in and still caring for us."
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