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Game News posted by Bongo
Friday, December 20th 2019
The Santa's Workshop job has been released. It will stay until January 2nd. Help Santa make those toys for good boys and girls.

Also, I talked to Zorg about releasing the next map and he agreed. So we're gonna be playing on a new map called Pitstop that I made. It's pretty basic and uses the VR tileset, but should be cool to play on something other than the original 6 maps for a change.

Here it is below. If anyone has any criticisms about it, like balance or fun factor, make a thread in Main or something and I can have a look.

"Make 6,11 5,10 // 11,5 12,5 12,6 non buildable. being directly in-between 2 objs with no error makes those clearly the best spots"
"Unless the HQs can't move. THough that will screw the weaker Gangs from the start, and they will have no hope at all. "
"Bring back the ice map!"
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