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Game News posted by Lynx
Saturday, December 14th 2019
For those that missed the announcement in SC the other day, or aren't using discord.

Because I've always hated the fact that every gang has their own clan for the sole purpose of storing credits...

Gang banks are coming.
It basically works the same way as clan banks.

Members can donate credits once a day (like gp) to the gang bank, and council can withdraw from the gang bank (r13 and r17+)
Donations and withdrawals are logged in a seperate log tab. I've also moved donations for gp to this tab, from the warfare log.

- Lynx
"why limit it at 1 per day? why dont you just copy past the same code you're using for clans?"
"Also check out the notepad, it got a face-lift! "
"Yes my suggestion is happening "
"so, would I be sending out c's for loans, etc from this same bank?"
"Cool beans "
"more transparancy is a good thing I think"
"Finally! If you make a limit, make it at least 3, instead of 1. I'm assuming this is to limit log spam."
"I don't see the issue with one donation per day. Will credits automatically be moved from the clan bank to these new gang clans? "
"Glacious no.. That is the responsibility of the gang itself to move "
"This is another way for oc and other gangs to destroy the game fuck this"
"Bring back the ice map!"
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