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Game News posted by Bongo
Wednesday, October 9th 2019
Just a heads up, I changed the Sentry Control objective to an Alien Artifact temporarily. The sentries spawned had a bug where if you tried to attack them you'd be brought to an error page, unless you first refreshed your page before clicking Attack. With sentries moving in and out of squares it became really difficult to even attack them.

Sorry for the abrupt change, but I think it's the best choice to preserve everyone's sanity until the bug gets fixed.
"Thanks for the notice."
"*que pillage whining* "
"....but this bug has existed for a while now lmao. not that im complaining"
"Wait didn't this happen last time the Sentry obj was on the map? Either way glad it's getting fixed"
"Also need to fix the Satellite Uplink not be usable"
"of course as long as another gang holds it it's okay but when bod holds it it's not a drag i smell favoritism"
"So, when are the objectives going to be restored?"
Crystal System
 - Updated by Pillage

 - Updated by Pie

Blueprint Merchant
 - Updated by Pie

 - Updated by Pie

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