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Game News posted by Lynx
Thursday, December 13th 2018
So, since no one has said the word's yet, I'll say it for you.
An update is coming But that you lot may already have guessed.

There's a new guy coming to the hive, or rather, to the outskirts of the hive, he'll roam around in the underground providing daily quests to whoever pays him a visit.

You'll get 5 daily quests each with a fixed reward. Quests that have no progress made will reroll at the daily tick.
This mean that, if you make progress torwards a quest it will not reroll before you give up on it.
It'll only be possible to give up on one quest per day. (However this is relatively easy to change, should the need be)

I'm well aware that there WILL be some balancing between effort and reward to do, the quest rewards may be a bit underscaled at first.
But I'll leave the balancing act up for discussion in the suggestions forum, so once it's released please feel free to voice your constructive opinions there.

So unless things set's on fire, I've planned with Zorg to have this released around monday at 17.00 (5PM) GMT+1

Regarding the system messages, just to clarify for those of you who have been searching for clues.
No. there's nothing to be found yet, it has been pure story telling leading up to this update.
I realised I had dun goofed picking the name Diego, once it was brought to my attention there was a player by the same name '

That's all for now.
"sweet, looking forward to it!"
"please test and balance on dev first tnxbai"
""dun goofed" is a well known/used Scott line."
"Can you not have that player account deleted, it hasn't logged in for over 1k days and is only lvl 7 "
"You're welcome Lynx. I'll point out any further mistakes "
"Ty for your hard work lynx looking forward to it "
"Yess finally raids!! # raids"
"Very cool update! "
"Is it possible to make the log entry one consistent log entry so it doesn't flood our log while we are in the WL? Just updating in real time or something, other than that this is awesome"
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