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Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, April 18th 2018
As per the previous Blog, do note that this includes all forms of communication in the WLs.
This includes whispers, replies, gang chat, and /me commands.

Even with these being logged, it's still up to Staff on how to move forward with any case brought forward to them.
The logs will still have to be scrutinized, the same as with any other case.
"Big brother is watching all, even your whispers, be careful everyone. Anything can be twisted against you as a weapon and someone says they are offended. Death of communication on this game. 1984"
"Staff will only look at logs if they have to. If you are paranoid about eavesdropping, use Messages."
"hes got a good point"
"Definitely a pointless update. Dev time should be spent on more important things, like game mechanics and player retention."
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