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Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, April 18th 2018
A quick update for all players.
WLs chat is now logged.

If you want to report harassment in the WLs, but give no timing as to when it occurred, don't expect Staff to pour through all of the logs.
At the very least, have a key word or phrase used against you.

Staff won't be accessing these logs unless there is complaint of player harassment, or any if other need arises.
"Just to make it clearer, /w, /r, /ga, /me, and ordinary chat are all logged."
"Big brother is watching all, even your whispers, be careful everyone. anything can be twisted against you as a weapon. Death of communication on this game. "
"damn 10/10 gameplay feature we needed...not.. trying to police a garbage truck thats legacy, wasting your time. "
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