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Game News posted by Lynx
Wednesday, March 1st 2017
Houston.. We have a problem.. It appears to be a giant well of text!

For the sake of transparency and Aldo's announcement yesterday about him quitting, I thought I propose my (rather small) roadmap for now.

First things first, as Aldo mentioned I have an update regarding storage incoming.
This update will allow you to withdraw a given quantity of a certain item through the use of a dropdown.
However this feature will be limited torwards how much inventory space you have left, and how many you have stored.

Secondly I'm most likely going to add another filter for market search, the idea is you should be able to search after items with a certain or more number of trades left.

After that I have a few more forum improvements in mind including:
- Better forum search, less time limit, perhaps remove it? while being able to search for more than one word.
- Checkbox to subscribe to a thread when posting.. Depends if the community want this. please let me know
- A quicker way to subscribe to threads from forum overview... Again depends if the community is not completely against this..
- And some other background additions to how staff/moderators are handling edits & deletions of posts (Staff and mods feel free to pm me about those, and i'll explain).

Now that I have this out of the way... Just to make the development matters even worse..

I'm having a trip to Paris, starting next month. and an upcoming move this year..
In addition to that, a friend is getting married soon, and somehow I have been spun into help planning that...
Meaning I won't be taking on any bigger updates, besides the above, in the next quarter of months perhaps.

Last but not least, if you have any inquiries with the roadmap, suggestions or comments to this, feel free to let me know in a PM or in comments below
" Checkbox to subscribe - yes. subscribe to threads from forum overview - more yes. "
"Indication of what gang an item is being sold by in market search please! "
"I 2nd ani's request"
"I like it all, and ani's suggestion is thirded"
"ok "
"You've done several items here, put the game on the back burner and go do your commitments and enjoy them! Forget about updates for as long as it takes. Real life is much more important vs. game! "
"yes remove the search limit and make it better! because its useless at present."
"I'm still waiting for unicode update"
"I like anialator's idea. Like the road map. FatTony is correct. Take some time to your self. Gives the player base time to catch up before another credit sink."
"How dare you have a life outside legacy Good luck with your move!"
"let us buy items with TC Coins"
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