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Game News posted by Aldo
Saturday, January 14th 2017
Balancing is happening on dev right now. These are not final numbers, but pretty close to what may end up going live eventually. The following changes have been made:

3. Orphic Amulet to drop to 0 D.Skill, not -25.
4. Void Axe - +5 min damage to 65.
5. Nerve Gauntlet, +2 points to accuracy and dodge.
6. Recon Drone - Increase accuracy to 0 from -2, weapon skills to -20 instead of -30.
7. Droid drone - Increase dodge to 0 from -2, D.SKill to -20 instead of -40.
8. Void Sword - +3 accuracy, +15 M.skill, -10 max damage.
11. Rift guns decrease G.Skill by -15, accuracy -5.
18. Scout Drones - Accuracy to drop to 30 instead of 32.

Please test on dev if you have access to it and these items. All feedback is appreciated. Let us know after testing them yourselves if the balance has been too much in one direction or the other or they affect combat in a way other than what was intended. I'm particularly keen on hearing about the Rift/Void changes.


"Oh ok "
"I like"
"Uh oh here we go with the whining.. F the haters "
"Drop rifts by 10 acc"
"Rifts should get +5 dam at least... there dam is already low and only the acc helped counter that "
"Good changes. I would give scout drones less acc and more p skill to make them the definitive projectile misc and not one that all builds can benefit from though"
"An 18% reduction in skill and nearly 6% decrease in acc with no damage boost is not a minor rebalancing of the rift. That is a complete nerf."
"Agreed on the rift, maybe nerf the accuracy with 7/8 and give it 5 damage. also agreed wtih the scout drones posted below : Accuracy 30 sure, Higherpskill tho."
"Agreed with "
"Yeah, add some dmg to the rift or ot will get nerfed."
"If you aren't in Dev testing or aren't running numbers stop pulling figures out of your ass. The Rift guns on Dev are in a good spot right now, they don't need more damage."
"so after the keys, me leveling rifts was also a money sink.... and without any compensation just wow"
"since t2 scythes will now severely outclass void swords with the damage nerf everybody said void swords are shit they hit 4k credits for a lvl 1 one and you decide to kill them even more? rethink it "
"Consider removing the dmg nerf on the void sword."
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