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Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, November 10th 2015
GWC is back, from Monday (16th) until the following Monday (23rd / 3am) - all gangs are again going into a deathmatch. Prizes await the winning gangs whilst the last gang gets nothing. The points system for this one is simple:

Gang Rank 11's, there for support and to help players. Time to twist that, they need your support as only their personal warfare points will be counted. The highest gang with the highest warfare points gathered by rank 11's will be the victor.

Taking in mind the effort required, gangs should not try make this easier by switching players in roles, farming points via guards. If found we will deduct warfare points - the amount will be calculated and down to the Chamber of Elders.

This time one of the prizes is the victor can decide how to shame the losing gang.. So lets put effort into supporting one of the vital ranks of your gang.

Get planning, get ready, Don't get deaded.
"first "
"indeed... don't get deaded. will be interesting who gets a sudden promotion in all the gangs "
"Just to mention, DF, TC, and Blade of Dawn have 8 open rank 11 spots between them."
"What about rank 12? They're part of the team."
"If R11 slots are open, then it's the gangs' fault that they have not put players into R11! It's a great wake-up call to all the Councils, that they should have actively appointed players in the past."
"Don't like it should've been the wasteland rank that counted as its their job to wl. getting noob helpers to waste their creds on wl instead of new players is not a good idea. we already lack new join"
"Poor rank choice!"
"Don't get all butthurt people. I like the idea. "
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