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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, August 27th 2015
The end of the first ever Gang Warfare Championships are over. The first round was clearly stated that we would not change warfare, meaning everything would remain the same. Gangs fought valiantly, we can now reveal the points that will be counted are the gang points, the same gang points that we use to score the overall winner at the end of each round.

The results are:
First Place: Blade of Dawn with 196,060 Points,
Second Place: Outcasts with 96,540 Points,
Third Place The Chapter with 62,680 Points,
Fourth Place: Dark Flame with 32,430 Points.

Congratulations to Blade of Dawn on your victory, you will be rewarded next week for your efforts, Dark Flame you carry the shame of coming last until the next round. I must mention that I end it with shame because of TC's attempt at winning with Warfare Points, if they had read the round descriptions, it stated normal warfare.

All results and more information will be edited into the wiki within the next week, everything would be done this weekend but its Pride in Manchester so - it's gunna have to wait!
""Just a quick reminder, this is simply a competition that lasts for seven days to see which gang can acquire the most warfare points in that time." - Will"
"Dunno what was expected from this, why would the current WL flow change because of a competition? 1st place map winner will be BoD, 2nd OC and so on. "
"See Larse's post. Really helps when the staff are on the same wavelength."
"Will is an eejit. "
"So what exactly was the point of this? This will be the same standings as the three month round.... why not just do a reward at the end of each round instead of some random week?"
"You can take your shame and shove it where the sun don't shine! You've made me proud this week TC, many of you have broken personal records this week and for that I salute you! "
"shove it "
"Shame on you Scott, for the shambles you call effort at explaining. No effort at the comp implementation, your comp involved doing nothing which is very convenient."
"I loved the clearing level 80 guards event! "
"Per Scott on August 13th. "All you have to do is gain the most points than any other gang in that week""
".. just .."
"McLovin, it will be different next map. They mentioned that each GWC will be different from the last. So just give it time. Great job BoD!"
"What could you possibly have to be proud of?"
"I was right!"
"no comment."
"Seems very fair"
"This might be the saddest idea ever if this is all GWC are "
"nice going scott with you vague rules/start times/start date any way good job to all TC you preformed amazingly an i am proud of you all"
"troll competition"
"lol. no reason for me to post on this mess . basically keept beating the dead horse competition "
"Scott you got something bitter or is it salty in your mouth. Tc have no shame. We weren't last."
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