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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, March 8th 2015
There is a new vote up in the main page, before you vote however please think about the vote as it will result in a huge change or removal of current criteria.

If you vote yes, you're voting that staff should have involvement in loans.. We will do this through a set criteria and it will be on an application, case by case basis with costs to either side under heavy restrictions.

If you vote no, you're voting that we completely refuse to deal with loans and it will be a loan at your own risk policy, this will also amend our scamming criteria so players couldn't report the person for scamming on failed payouts.

We're currently at a standstill with loans as a norm for players, when players do not pay back we're currently footing the bill and our current criteria is not strict enough.
"what about outstanding loans.Will these be taken over by staff ?"
"I feel some loans should be covered under scam but that these should not be recovered and the scammer is punished. if someone gets loans out and intentionally doesnt pay bk in time its a scam "
"bigmick loans are dealt with still, just on hold.. go to the main forum stickie "
"if we have a current loan out, and were waiting for it to reach the timeline required to report it, and you decide to not deal with loans anymore will my loan be forgotten?"
"Little known fact: the word vote appeared 5 times in this post."
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